Ethical Management

Code of Ethics

BC&C Co., Ltd create top-notch products and service through talented members of the staff and technology and by going forward, BC&C Co., Ltd. drive clean corporate culture by complying with business ethics and legality.

Policy of Ethics

Chapter 1. General Rules

Section 1. Coverage

This limits members of BC&C Co., Ltd.(hereinafter called "Company").

Section 2. Policy

Company declare Ethical Management and set Ethical platform as a standard of judgement for decision making and conduct in order to set up fair trade order and more activly implement social responsibility to be fulfilled.

Chapter 2. Customer Satisfaction

Section 3. Customer Respect

Company should bear in mind that customer is the source of contineous growth and development in advance to respect customer's opinion in a sincere and faithful position and actively adopt reasonable requests and rational suggestion.

Section 4. Creation of value for customer
  • 1. Company should make an effort to seek genuin values which customers are in need through renovation and creativity
  • 2. Company should deliver high quality products to customers in time and make an effort to satisfy the customers through technology development and quality improvement.

Chapter 3. Clean Organizational Culture

Section 6. Misconduct

Company should not offer or accept money, privilege, convenience, treat or any types of similar misconduct directly or in-directly from customers and sub-contractors.

Section 7. Respect members
  • 1. Company should support and respect for internationally declared human right and make an effort to facilitate its diversity.
  • 2. Company should secure employee's basic living and make an effort to improve quality of life and his or her own family.
  • 3. Company should secure employee's physical, phychological and social well-being and try best to build the work environment appropriate for each one's capability.
  • 4. Company should try best to minimize disputes with members and among one another and build sound union-management relations.
  • 5. Company should take any possible steps to protect reasonable reporting or whistle-blowing(incl. consulting or reporting) unethical or illegal conducts from retaliation or dis-advantage.
  • 6. Company should comply with International standards and relative laws of Employment age and labor conditions for minors.
Section 8. Discrimination
  • 1. In employement practices such as employment, promotion, compensation and training opportunities, Company should not discriminate applicant or employee by race, skin color nationality, ethic group, gender, religion, education, place of birth, blood ties, political viewpoint, social status, marital staus(or pregnancy) and disability.
  • 2. Company should offer opportunities to employee fairly in accordance with his or her ability and contribution and provide him or her growth opportunity under fair standards.
Section 9. Development of human resource
  • 1. Company should provide opportunities of education, skill development and training to employees and try to expand individual capability and business performance in order to realize the employees' healthy and quality of good life.
  • 2. Company should assign appropriate duties to each employee based on his or her working aptitude and abiliity, offer growth opportunities through continious training.
Section 10. Employee's basical ethics
  • 1. Employee has self-respect and pride and should try his or her best for company's continious development under company core value.
  • 2. Employee should try best to increase work performance and efficiency through active cooperation and smooth communication between relative departments.
  • 3. Employees are liable to conform to course of corporate ethics, relative laws & reguations and company rules. In case of breach, the violators receive strict punishment under relevant regulations and procedures.
  • 4. Employees are liable to report if they countered unethical and illegal conducts scenes or were suggested similar misconduct.
  • 5. Company may confer monetary rewards to the reporters in case contents of the reports are contributable to business performance.
Section 11. Employees' mutual ethics
  • 1. Employees should try to build sound corporate culture by repecting and caring about one another.
  • 2. Employees are liable to help one another in order to comply with corporate relative laws and ethical regualtions.
  • 3. Employees should implement any instructions of his or her seniors unless the instruction is unfair or illegal.